Treasure What You Have

One spring day in 1934, I was walking down West Dougherty Street in Webb City when i saw a sight that banished all my worries. For tow years I had been running a grocery store in Webb City. I had lost all my savings and incurred debt that took me seven years to pay back. I had lost all my fight and faith. Then suddenly I saw coming down the street a man who had no legs. He was sitting on a little wooden platform equipped with wheels from roller skates. He propelled himself along the street with a block of wood in each hand,. As he tilted his little wooden platform over the curb, his eyes met mine.

He greeted me with a grand smile. “Good morning, sir. It is a fine morning, isn’t it?” he said with spirit. As I stood looking at him, I realized how rich I was. I had two legs, I could walk. I felt ashamed of my self-pity. I could already feel my chest lifting. I had intended to asked the merchant and the Miner Bank for only one hundred dollars. But now I announced confidently that I wanted to go to Kansas City to get a job. I got the load; and I got the job.

Count your blessing – not your troubles.
– Dale Carnegie

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