Act “As If” We Were Happy

There are four stenographers in my office and each of us is assigned to take letters from several man. One day, when I was asked to do a long letter over, I started to rebel. I tried to point out to the man that the letter could be corrected without being retyped –  and be retorded that if I didn’t do it over, he would find someone who would! I was absolutely fuming! As i retyped the letter, it suddenly occurred to me that there were a lot of other people who would love to do the work I was doing. Also, that I was being paid salary to do just that work . I began to feel better. I made up my mind to do my work as if I actually enjoy it. Discovery: if I do my work as if I really enjoy it, then I do. I also found I can work faster when I enjoy my work. Now I seldom need to work overtime. I soon gained the reputation of being a good worker, and when one of the department superintendents needed a private secretary, he asked for me for the job! This matter of the power of a changed mental attitude has been tremendously important discovery to me. It has worked wonders!

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so
– William Shakespeare

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