Become Comfortable With The Uncomfortable

The physical pain I experienced during the writing of my first newsletter, or when I first designed and wrote copy for my website, and anything else that was and is a ‘first time event’ for me, is very real and very uncomfortable.

The upside of this is once the new is mastered, the physical pain miraculously disappeared.

For me it’s a comfort zone thing.

I really know I’m alive when I’m outside my comfort zone.

The comfort zone is an amazing place of security, comfort, safety, and protection. Stepping out this zone can be scary and lonely, and involves stretching and growing; this is the bit where physical pain comes into it.

When I was little I remember my mother telling me I was suffering from growing pains because my legs ached, or my knees ached, as a matter of fact anything that ached was due to growing pains. Expanding the comfort zone for me is much the same.

The best thing of course is the end result! This will be when mastery has finally been reached and with it increased inner strength and confidence.

This doesn’t just apply to the ‘big stuff’. This applies across the board no matter how big or small.

Below I’ve listed 5 easy things to help with becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable. Starting with the most important:

1. Start by noticing what you notice. Each time you do something different notice what your reaction to it is and where this reaction manifests within your body.

2. Keep a journal or diary of feelings and reactions as you continue to grow through stepping out of your comfort zone.

Write three pages in your journal or diary each morning about your ever expanding comfort zone. Write for at least one month then reflect on your pages, starting from page one, noticing any patterns, useful or not.

Use a different coloured pen for things that worked for you in becoming more masterful.

Again using a different coloured pen make note of what definitely did not work.

3. Ask yourself the following questions in regards to growing and stretching:

  • “What needs to happen now to make it less painful for me?”
  • “What are the benefits for me in mastering this new thing (relationship, job, task etc)?”
  • “What am I learning from this experience?”
  • “What am I not learning from this experience?”

4. Turn negative self-talk into positive speak. The more often positive self talk is practised the more comfortable it will become, until it’s fully integrated and natural.

5. Know that it takes time to become comfortable with something new and different. Unfortunately there is no instant fix or ‘cure’ (I would’ve found it by now!). The quicker the mastery levels raise the quicker the return of a comfort zone.

Some suggestions to help deal with the uncomfortable may be to take up a meditation program, Breath Work, some transformational coaching for inner peace, or investigate a flower essence practitioner near you.

The outcome of this effort will be living how you want to live, and knowing that you’ve achieved this through your own efforts.

A great friend of mine once said to me “Become comfortable with the uncomfortable”. During my uncomfortable moments, I remember that phrase. I know that once mastered, I’ll become comfortable once again…well until the next time I decide to learn something new.

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