Get It!

Alexander Bell traveled to Washington D.C to visit Joseph Henry, one of the great scientist of the day.

Joseph Henry had never met the tall, think, dark-haired young man who walked with quick steps into his office that March day in 1875. But he had heard of the Bell family and their successful teaching methods with the deaf. He was soon impressed by the carefulness of his young visitors who explained his theory of sending voices by electricity. When Bell had finished his explanation, Henry said, “You have the idea for great invention. Work at it.”

“But, sir, there are mechanical difficulties to overcome. That would require a knowledge of electricity and I don’t have it.”

“GET IT!” was the great scientist’s advice. “Without these two words of encouragement,” Bell said later, “I should never have invented the telephone.”

One word or note brings more encouragement than a thousand thoughts… never expressed.
– Christoper Morley

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