The Importance of List Building Using Squeeze Pages

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You need to understand the importance of list building using squeeze pages before you start out on your project. In the marketing world, you will be faced by competition everywhere you turn. Apart from such aggressive marketing tactics as virtual ads, business owners are also required to implement convincing strategies with a higher chance of success. Read on to find out more about the importance of list building with regards to squeeze pages:

Squeeze Page: What is it?

Basically, this can be defined as a webpage specifically designed for information gathering purposes. The information so gathered may include the name and e-mail addresses of the visitors. The website owner can then add these visitors to his/ her contact list.

Once visitors enter such information on the squeeze page form, they will then be added to list maintained by the website owner for follow up purposes. Therefore, squeeze pages do not drive traffic towards a site. The primary goal is to gather information from potential customers.

Using Squeeze Pages Effectively

The best way to use your squeeze page for list building is to ensure that it is simple. Eliminate every distraction on the squeeze page- these tend to drive away potential customers.

List Building Tips Using Squeeze Pages

To maximize the number of people who will add their information on your squeeze page, include the following:

a) Use persuasive headlines

b) Ensure that the page has a list detailing the benefits of signing up/ adding personal information

c) Provide an opt- in form

d) Detail your website’s privacy policy

Additionally, you should use eye- catching graphics, an audio and/ or video file to attract more potential customers to give their information.

The best places to add a squeeze page for list building purposes include on your home page, inside the website newsletter, in a blog, RSS Feeds and during the pre- launch of new products.

Importance of List Building

To make a solid contact with a potential customer, you need to follow them up several times before you establish a relationship. Provide them with helpful and valuable information through emails and blog posts to facilitate the connection. Once they trust you, you are more likely to make a sale.

List building should be the number 1 priority for internet marketers. This is because it entails the following advantages:

a) Promotion of New Products

If you have new services or products you wish to introduce to the market, you will have an easier time getting people to buy it if you market it to your list (of customers) first. Without such a list, it would be difficult and expensive to penetrate the market.

b) Launch of Special Offers

You can also provide exclusive offers to people who opted into your mailing list willingly. For instance, you can send out discounted offers to the list, noting that the offer is provided on account of their being loyal subscribers to your business. This way, they will know that you appreciate them.

c) Others
 Finally, the other benefits of list building include:

– Customers will know you on a more personal level, making it easier to sell to them

– You will have a ready audience to present your webinars and presentations to, thus increasing your penetration into the market

A squeeze page is very important when built the correct way. Effective squeeze page  must offer something unique to the visitors. It must be brief and straight to the point, and very convincing. Money is in the list when you follow the highlights above.

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