Important Elements to be included for Building an Effective Email List

In order to compile an effective Email list of potentially interested leads for your business product or service, one of the foremost requirement is to have a good squeeze page or lead capture page. By having a well laid out squeeze page, which is nothing but a web page that collects personal information from the interested leads, you can quickly build a list of interested leads. By compiling a list containing certain number of contacts in a quicker manner, you can spend more time in converting those leads in to customers.

Elements that goes in to making an effective List Building Squeeze page

1. Arriving at a Convincing squeeze message Text

The text message that forms part of the squeeze page should provide all the valid reasons for the lead to take the offer. The message should be able to totally convince the lead to opt for the services offered in the squeeze page

2. Having a compelling call to action

Requesting the lead to join the mailing list is not the only way to create a compelling call to action message. You have to elicit the various benefits that the lead will enjoy by joining the mailing list and also provide compelling reasons on why they should join now.

3. Having a clear summary of what the subscriber will receive after completing the sign-up

Leads should be given a clear description of what they would be offered after completing the sign up process. The squeeze page should contain information regarding the type of content the lead would be receiving after signing up for the mailing list.

4. Avoid using External links in the Squeeze page

If the squeeze page is going to take the subscriber to a different web page, then the chances of the visitor coming back to the squeeze page would get diminished to a great extent. Placing external links in the squeeze page should be avoided at all cost.

5. Getting optimum data through the squeeze page

Having too many fields in the squeeze page would really frustrate the visitor looking to sign up. The sign up rate goes down drastically when more number of fields are included in the squeeze page. Most of the times only data from a few fields would be really useful for the sign up while the remaining fields might only play a supporting role.

6. Including contact details in the Squeeze page

If the subscriber encounters some problem during the sign-up process, he/she should be given the option of contacting a service representative, who would be able to solve the issue. If subscribers feel that they are lost mid way, they would immediately abort the sign up process and quit the Squeeze page. After taking so much efforts to design the content in the squeeze page, business should not loose the subscriber due to some technical glitches.

7. Thoroughly testing the Squeeze page including major and minor changes

You need to optimize your squeeze pages on a continuous basis in order to provide better customer experience. Continuous unit and integration testing is required to present an optimized squeeze page to the visitor. When some minor changes are being made in the squeeze page and the changes are not tested properly, the squeeze page might not respond properly to the subscriber actions.

By including the above mentioned steps during the list building squeeze form designing process, you would be able to complete the list building process in a much more quicker manner.

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