The Braggart

A man who practiced the pentathlon, but whom with fellow-citizens continually reproached for his unmanliness, went off one day to foreign parts.  After some time, he returned, and he went around boasting of having accomplished many extraordinary feats in various countries, but above all having made such a jump when he was in Rhodes that not even an athlete crowned at the Olympic Games could possibly equal it.

And he added that he would produce as witnesses of his exploit people who actually seen it, if ever they came to his country.

Then one of the bystander spoke out :
“But if this is true, my friend, you have no need of witnesses. For here is Rhodes right here – make the jump.”

This fable shows that as long as one can prove something by doing, talk is superfluous.

Dignity is the art of making yourself heard without boasting.
-O. A. Battista

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