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Autoresponder is an important tool for all Internet marketers. There are many benefits offered by this tool. If you promote your products or services on the Internet, you may want to use this tool extensively. You can find many different types of autoresponder services that are available on the Internet. However, there are two popular brands for this service. They are Aweber and Getresponse. Many people are still confused on which autoresponder to choose. Each service may have its own features and benefits. You can compare both services in order to find the best one for your purposes.


1. Beautiful templates
This is one of the most popular autoresponder service companies that you can use for supporting your online business. Aweber is very popular for its templates. It provides a lot of beautiful templates for all users. Many Internet marketers believe that Aweber’s templates are better than templates from Getresponse. This brand has beautiful templates that are appealing for the readers. If you are looking for the best service with high quality form templates, you may want to consider Aweber as your choice. This company is supported by many professional designers who design all templates for its forms.

2. Easy connection to third party tools
Aweber also offers another benefit compared to Getresponse. This service offers better integration with other third party tools than Getresponse. If you work with several third party tools for supporting your list building strategy, you may want to consider this service as the best one for your campaign. You can connect this service with other tools easily without any hassles. Many Internet marketers believe that Aweber can integrate their mailing list with other tools quickly. When you use Getresponse, you may need to have some installation procedures to connect your mailing list with the third party tools. Aweber offers flexibility for all users who use other third party tools.

3. User friendly system
This is another benefit that Aweber has. This service is very suitable for all Internet marketers, including beginners, who want to build mailing list easily. There is no complicated procedure that you have to do when starting your campaign with Aweber. It also comes with wizard tool that can help you start your first mailing list campaign very quickly. This wizard is going to teach you how to start your list from scratch. You can also choose your favorite templates for your newsletter easily and quickly.

Aweber website : www.aweber.com


1. Responsive newsletter template
When you are looking for the responsive newsletter templates, you may want to consider Getresponse as your choice. It has better responsive templates than Aweber. It has a lot of responsive email designs that you can choose easily. If you want to target mobile users, you should use Getresponse as your favorite autoresponsder service. This service has a lot of email templates for mobile devices, such as tablets, smartphones, and any other mobile gadgets. Responsive templates become very popular these days.

2. Free trial
This is another benefit that you can get by choosing Getresponse as your autoresponder service. It offers one month free trial for all new users. You do not have to pay anything for using its service for supporting your online business. Many people are interested with this service because of this feature. You can use this free trial period for trying all features offered by Getresponse. This service does not require you to put your credit card information when you are planning to use the service during the trial period. If you still want to learn about autoresponder service and how to use it for supporting your business, you may want to consider Getresponse as your perfect choice.

3. Easy to import contact
This is a great feature offered by Getresponse. This service allows you to import contact list easily. It does not have strict rules as the Aweber does. It is an important feature that you should consider when choosing the right autoresponder service. You can import the contact list from your account easily. This contact list can be used whenever you want to send your newsletters to your readers. This is another benefit that you can get from Getresponse. Many people are interested with this feature offered by this service.

Those are some benefits offered by both services. The choice is really up to you. You should consider many important factors before choosing the best one for yourself. Both of them have trial period that you can use properly. Aweber offers $1 one month trial period, while the Getresponse offer free one month trial period. It is a good idea to use this trial period to try all features offered by both services.

Getresponse website : https://www.getresponse.com/

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